Monday, 12 October 2009

UPDATE: SEO in Sydney (after a few months)

Since receiving my first proposal to work freelance with a leading advertising and marketing agency I have already gone quite along.
Apart from my being a non native speaker I have found myself able to help businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs to gain visibility online with their websites.
I have some personal recipes for SEO Success, recipes which are tried and tested and that evolve everyday with new strategies which help to grow businesses via the world wide web.
You need to give me copy and I will increase your website visibility and bring it to a higher level with a well designed Search Enginge Friendly code, an effective link matrix and website optimization and a quality link building work.
A good understanding of Search Engine Vision is what guarantees better results in Search Engine Competition: provide good services to your customers and clients = provide good services to Search Engines' users.
A good understanding of code, design and "how the internet works" is what can make the difference in providing your users/customers/clients with good services and products.

I like it and I like my job: SEO is also to provide users and customers with better services, "to let people find the right things"....

Just a little note: I don't know what you mean for "SEO Specialist" but for me is a global consultant aware of SEO, SEM, PPC, Online Marketing, Web Advertising, Social Media, Analytics, Web design, Web Usability and, generally speaking, aware of "how internet works" and "how users search".
So don't ask me just to fill your metatags.
There is so much more that I as a “SEO specialist” can for you.

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