Friday, 28 August 2009


Submitting Press Releases for an Advertising Agency in Sydney.
The effect of PR is sometimes amazing also for me... even though 'sinusoidal'.
But I think I have a personal recipe for using Press Release in a SEO campaign and for me is still working.
I'm not so sure that there are many people aware of how PR must be written, submitted and used to cause good results a SEO campaign. But I've already said... I've my own recipe...

Friday, 7 August 2009


I think it's a nice idea to write something about what I'm doing day-to-day (ok, almost day-to-day... maybe sometimes). It's a kind of transparency philosophy.

So let's start:

1) just published Sydney Press Release; see my idea here:

2) I'm just starting a little project for a small business: the goal is Carpet Cleaning in Sydney and related.
I like this field: small businesses but very competitive (have a look to the first page of google and you will see many domains with the keywords)... I think I'll have some fun!