Saturday, 2 May 2009

My profile

Anyway this is my profile:

I'm an italian Seo Specialist with almost 3 years experience and several skills and competences from communication (web writing, web usabilty, web design...) to code knowledge (html, css, php, javascript).

In my country I'm a well respected professional (try to search “seo specialist” in and you will find my website that has worked with one of the most famous web marketing consultants in Italy (Nicola Briani of Computervarnet) and am able to start and complete projects of national relevance, challenging the most able professionals.

Now in Australia my main challenge is lack of English at a professional level. So, I make myself available for Web and SEO Agency work. I can also do simple tasks such as data entry, code optimization, link building or other tasks not involving complex copy writing.

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